Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply?

  • Applications must be complete online! No other form of submission will be accepted
  • Application must be completed online on or before March 31 .
  • For further information or questions, contact the Rotary Club RYLA Representative for your community or the RYLA Chair.

Who is eligible?

  • Enrolled as a student or home-schooled within the boundaries of Rotary District 5630 which extends from Grand Island, NE in the east, Kimball, NE in the West and from the South Dakota to Kansas boarders in the North and South and all points in between
  • Enrolled as a student or home-schooled within the boundaries of Rotary District 5610
  • Currently a sophomore or junior in high school may apply. Due to the cancellation of RYLA 2020 – graduating seniors who were accepted for RYLA 2020 will be eligible to attend RYLA 2021.
  • A student applying during their sophomore year who is not accepted may reapply during their junior year.
  • A student can only attend as a participant once.
  • Students selected must commit to full participation in the program and attend camp on all dates.
  • No late arrives to or early departures from RYLA camp will be allowed. No exceptions.
  • Participants must have a desire to develop and utilize leadership skills.
  • The number of students selected depends on the number of awards the local Rotary Club has available to give out for the year.
  • All students, regardless of their current GPA in school or current stage of leadership development, are encouraged to apply. Having a parent or relative who is a Rotarian does not increase your likelihood of attending.

How are candidates selected?
The local Rotary Club in each community will review applications in confidence. Each student will be invited to an interview with local Rotarians which will take place sometime in the month of March. The number of students selected from each community will depend on the number of awards the local Rotary Club has to give out. All applicants will be notified in writing no later than April 15 of their acceptance in the program.

What will be expected of me?
Students who are selected to participate will submit a health history including a physical that must have been taken within one year prior to the last day of RYLA. Health histories and physicals are due no later than June 1.
Please examine your calendar and consider your availability before submitting your application. You must attend all days of camp RYLA. Camp begins at 11:00 am on July 13, 2021 and ends around 12:00 pm on July 18, 2021. Students selected should understand that if they back out of RYLA, the local Rotary Club will not be refunded the money for their award, and the applicant and parents will be responsible for 1/2 total participation fee to their sponsoring club. Selected students are expected to make a presentation to the Rotary Club that gave them the award and to assist in additional program presentations, as the student’s schedule will allow, during the year following the student’s attendance at RYLA. Selected students will also be expected to do a leadership project upon coming back to from RYLA.

What is the cost?
Participation in RYLA program has no cost to the individual participants. The funding for each award is provided by the local Rotary Club and has a value of $400 per participant. 

What should I pack?

When and where will RYLA Camp be held?
Great Plains RYLA begins on the 3rd Tuesday of each July and ends the following Sunday. Camp begins at 11:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm. Great Plains RYLA will take place at the Nebraska State 4-H campground facilities near Halsey, Nebraska.

2021 dates – July 13-18

What kind of transportation is available?
Rotarians will work with students to make sure they are able to get to and from Great Plains RYLA. Students are not allowed to drive themselves to or from camp or have a vehicle at camp.

Where is my local Rotary Club?
Local Rotary Club information can be obtained by contacting your nearest RYLA Representative.

Additonal Questions?
If you have additional questions, you may direct them to the Rotary Club RYLA Representative in your community. If you are unable to reach that individual or have questions they cannot answer, you may contact the a member of Great Plains RYLA Committee