We Need You!

Current high school students are the future of our society and future Rotarians. Help teach our them leadership by volunteering for a short-term or long-term position. Help instill leadership skills in the next generation of Rotarians!

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Position Descriptions

Below is a list of the positions needed filled and a description of each.

Leadership Team

  • Have attended as RYLA as a junior counselor for two years is preferred, but an exception may be made for those serving one year.
  • Must be a good communicator, have the ability to motivate youth, have the ability to lead without taking over, and work cohesively with the RYLA chair
  • Lead and support a team of junior counselors with the goal of creating a successful experience for the RYLArians
  • Be the first point of contact for the junior counselors and share appropriate information to them from the RYLA chair
  • Adhere to the budget
  • Select the junior counselors with the support of the RYLA chair
  • With the RYLA chair, refine and confirm the camp program and speakers
  • Prepare and direct the staff development with the RYLA chair
  • Pair junior and senior counselors
  • Participate in monthly conference calls with RYLA committee
  • Facilitate the RYLA program and act as MC during the week
  • Direct daily junior counselor meetings and attend the senior counselor meetings
  • Solve any junior counselor disputes, and if necessary, take the disputes to the RYLA chair
  • Attend Rotary District 5640 Conference in the spring, if possible

Activities Coordinator

  • Have attended as RYLA as a junior counselor for two years is preferred, but an exception may be made for those serving one year
  • Assist in the leading of the Great Plains RYLA program by giving leadership to the hand-on activities the students participate in
  • Make sure all activities are setup
  • Involve other staff as needed in the setup and execution of activities and events
  • Make sure all audio-visual materials are setup for speakers and presenters
  • Work with the head junior counselors
  • Provide fillers between activities and speakers
  • Meet with the Leadership Team during the spring prior to Great Plains RYLA

Junior Counselor

  • You must have attended RYLA as a participant in the last three years
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership skills during RYLA, be a good communicator, and should feel comfortable leading a group of peers
  • Have attained a high level of confidence and skill to be a success
  • Attend the staff development
  • Work closely with the Senior Counselor you are partnered with to develop a team dynamic as well as your own skills
  • Lead your team of RYLArians through RYLA
  • Your primary role is to encourage individual and team growth through RYLA
  • Be able to occupy the RYLArians in a productive manner all the time
  • Facilitate all activities and discussions with confidence and ease
  • Use various techniques to help the RYLArians develop their leadership skills
  • Challenge RYLArians to break barriers, be bold, be creative, and be an initiator
  • Put the needs of the RYLArian’s ahead of the needs of the Junior Counselors or staff
  • Report all problems and emergencies to the senior counselor or RYLA chair
  • Maintain communication with the Leadership Team
  • Help mentor junior counselors who are serving in their first year
  • Collect surveys from all RYLArians

Senior Counselor

  • You must be a Rotarian in good standing with your club or be recommended by a Rotarian in District 5630
  • Must be at least 21 years of age or older
  • Must agree to complete a criminal background check upon acceptance as a Senior Counselor
  • Must attend all dates of Great Plains RYLA .
  • The two major needs for Senior Counselors are to enable young adults to continue their leadership development and to ensure the fulfillment of the goals for the RYLA participants.
  • Have demonstrated excellent leadership skills and the ability to motivate youth
  • Support and stay in communication with the junior counselor you are paired with to develop your team dynamic as well as the individual RYLArian’s skills
  • Attend all activities with assigned team
  • Oversee the safety of the junior counselor and the team
  • Help make connections between RYLA and Rotary
  • Serve as a mentor to the junior counselor and the RYLArian’s
  • Enforce team rules and implement necessary consequences. Any issues that extend beyond group dynamics need to be reported to the RYLA chair
  • Assist the junior counselor in facilitating all activities and group discussions as necessary
  • Accomplish any tasks that require leaving the group temporarily; the junior counselor should never leave the team
  • Maintain communication with the RYLA chair


  • Take photos and videos during RYLA
  • Upload photos to the RYLA Facebook page each day

Logistics Committee

  • Obtain materials necessary for RYLA activities
  • Make arrangements to get materials to and from camp, but do not need to be at camp
  • Communicate with Halsey 4-H needs they can provide
    • Etiquette dinner supplies, table service
    • Specials meals
    • Audio/visual equipment
    • Tables and chair
  • Ordering t-shirts and gift items
  • Order notebooks and make copies of needed materials
  • Have printer onsite to print materials
  • Other duties as needed

Public Relations/Promotions Committee

  • Develop a list of local media contacts within District 5630. Provide list to the registrar to publish online
  • Send out a press release announcing the applications being accepted for RYLA and one at the end announcing it’s completion
  • Invite media to attend RYLA
  • Develop and implement a promotions plan within District 5630 to promote RYLA and to promote serving as volunteers
  • Develop a plan to update video, brochures, and flyers
  • Develop and implement a plan to send a promotions pack to each school if it is financially feasible
  • Committee does not need to be at camp
  • Other duties as needed

Sponsorships Committee

  • Contact businesses or individuals that would provide financial resources to help fund RYLA
  • Contact businesses or individuals that would provide gifts-in-kind to help support RYLA with materials needed
  • Find opportunities that we can do business with Rotarians for items needed for RYLA that we can purchase or borrow
  • Committee does not need to be at camp
  • Other duties as needed

Speakers Committee

  • Develop a speakers bank of Rotarians and Non-Rotarians that RYLA can draw from both paid and non-paid speakers including the topics they can talk on
  • Identify what needs the speakers might have for needs (i.e. meals, lodging, projection equipment, sound system, etc.)
  • Once speakers have been selected, develop a list of needs that have and pass that on to the Logistics Committee
  • If any speakers require payment, make arrangements with the RYLA Coordinator to have a check on-site
  • Committee does not need to be at camp
  • Other duties as needed


  • Make sure all needed paperwork is collected
  • Forward the forms for criminal background checks to the appropriate person for District 5630.
  • Follow-up on applicants and staff on any missing paperwork
  • Put together contact lists and appropriate binders with health forms

General Volunteer Requirements (for week-long staff only)

  • No cost to serve on staff, but must get your self to and from camp
  • Those serving on staff during the week at RYLA cannot drive students to and from camp
  • Must have a willingness to work with high school junior and senior boys and girls
  • Agree to submit to a criminal background check if you will be 18 years old as of the last day of camp
  • Submit a personal medical history including a physical
  • Participate fully in all sessions and activities as appropriate
  • Must be able to attend RYLA beginning the day before the first day of camp through the end.


Interested in helping? Hover on “Volunteers” menu above and click on Youth or Adult Staff Application.